Glamour Girls SpaPartyz Package

make upAn introduction to the indulgent “spa experience”.

SpaPartyz decorations

Mini-Mani with hand soak

Mini-Pedi with foot soak

**Glamour girl make-up includes:  Fabulous diva make-up featuring iridescent, glitter or pastel eye shadow application, beautiful blush on cheeks, sparkling lip-gloss, and body glitter  to top off the mini makeovers.

**A Craft can be substituted for make-up

                                     Age appropriate tattoos (optional)

                                        Nail art : Total of 4 (design stickers)

Sparkling beverage served in fancy flutes for paid guests. 

Package is for 6 girls

                           Glamour Girls Package $300.00

                                   $30.00 each addl. guest

Every SpaPartyz party package includes the following:

SpaPartyz will transform your space into a spa party wonderland. We include fun/glam spa décor and the guest of honor’s name displayed. 2 SpaPartyz hostesses, spa stations, spa supplies (towels, nail polish remover, floor mats, etc…) are also included.  Our spa hand and foot soak includes (bubbly, fruity scented water). Packages also include nail drying stations, nail art for hands and toes (total of 4) and age appropriate temporary tattoos (optional).  We serve a sparkling beverage at the end of the party in fancy flutes. Girls can choose from over 50 nail polishes (from neons, pastels to glow in the dark and glitter).



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